My goal as a teacher is to cultivate an environment that gives each student an outstanding musical experience where students are able to become independent, critical, and creative thinkers, while also possessing technical accuracy. All of these things are absolutely essential to becoming a successful musician and pianist.


Proper technique is an absolute necessity. Learning to play piano the correct way from the beginning not only helps to create the proper sound from the instrument, but also prevent any pain or frustration while playing later on, so one is able to enjoy playing the instrument. Due to personal experience, I have made it a commitment to discover the most relaxed and tension-free way to approach playing the piano. 



Balance is important to me. I blend traditional teaching with technology, I mix playfulness with practice, and I carefully balance my lessons to cover:

‣ Technique

‣ Reading 

‣ Rhythm

‣ Ear-training

‣ Music theory and history

‣ Pieces in a variety of styles

Each of these elements combined help to equip students with the tools they need to enjoy playing the piano for a lifetime and are equally important as a developing pianist.


Much of early private lessons are play-based for the first few years of study. From my experience, children truly love to learn through play. The studio’s games library is constantly expanded with different board games and card games, so students can learn about musical concepts using a play-based approach. Doing 20 repetitions of the same drill is much more fun with a playful twist!


Part of my job as a teacher is to also teach students how to practice. It is truly an art, and no person is born knowing how to do it. Once a student understands the art of practicing, piano truly becomes more enjoyable. Parent involvement is essential in this process, especially in the beginning stages if the student is a young child.


All lessons taught are always prepared ahead of time each week, with carefully crafted lesson plans for each individual student, based on his or her own need and skill-level. I believe that each person is individually creative and musical in his or her own way. Each person is unique, and it is my job as an educator to come alongside every student to help cultivate this creativity in his or her journey as a pianist. Though every person may not become a professional musician, I do believe that through hard work and dedication, each and every human being can enjoy many rich, diverse, and meaningful musical experiences if given the opportunity.