a comprehensive list

of everything you will need

to begin lessons




It is crucial to have a real, acoustic piano at home. I will not take intermediate/advanced students who do not have access to a real piano. However, I do understand that when your young child begins piano lessons, it is a big commitment to buy a piano, especially if you are not sure that the child will maintain interest in the instrument. If this is the case, I’d say it's okay to start on a digital piano, but only one with 88 WEIGHTED KEYS. Anything less will absolutely not work. You can also opt for piano rental services for acoustic piano. Click here to know about different types of piano and keyboard.

adjustable bench

Whether students are small or tall, they need to be able to sit properly at the piano and play with correct posture, position and technique. I recommend that all my students have an adjustable bench, or are supplied with firm cushions with which they can adjust the bench height. It is amazing how good posture and correct bench height improve piano playing!  


This is necessary for small students. If a student is sitting properly on the bench (all the way up, not tilting on the edge of the bench), and their feet don't reach the floor, then they must have something to support their feet. Dangling and swinging feet are not only distracting, but pull the entire body out of good alignment, foster bad habits, and can prevent a student from playing with correct technique.


This is a tool that all musicians need to have. It helps students correct problems with counting and speed, and helps them learn how to keep a steady beat.

nail clippers

Keep your fingernails short and neat so they don't get in the way of playing with good finger shapes and proper technique.  For young children, please have parents do this!  Get in the habit of trimming your nails 1-2 times per week and always check your nails before a lesson so you don't come to a lesson with long nails!  TIP:  Set a scheduled reminder on your mobile device for every week, the day before your lesson - you'll never forget!

iPad/CD Player/Computer

An iPad/CD player/computer with iTunes or MP3 player should be available for students to listen to assigned pieces and play along.



assignment book

This will be provided for purchase. Bring this to each lesson so I can write all the assignments and directions for the week's practice. Students are required to use it every day when practicing at home!

lesson books

I will provide all the books and materials for purchase.

music binder

This will be provided for purchase and will be used to hold any printed music, technical exercises that I give you. This way they will not get lost or crumpled. 

music bag

You need a bag that is devoted to holding all your materials, including lesson books and music binder. This protects everything from getting lost, dropped, or rained on as you go back and forth to lessons. Each week, you can just grab your bag full of all the things you need, ready to go to the lesson!  At home, keep your things stored in the bag, so you always know where your materials are when you need them (and family members won't accidentally move or misplace!).