Lessons are held at my own home studio as it is equipped with a music library, learning aids, games and audio system for more effective and comprehensive learning experience. When you book your trial lesson, the studio address will be sent to your email.
Yes. I teach beginners of all ages, including 4 - 5 year olds who want to jump start their educational foundation with a fun, motivational and rewarding start to music-making. I also teach transfer students of all ages and levels (including adults) and I have experience in repairing a student's piano technique, boosting sight reading ability, and teaching a wide variety of piano styles to suit a student's taste and life-long goals.
Children as young as 3.5 years old may begin lessons, depending on their level of concentration and motor skills, which will be assessed during the trial lesson.
Refer to TUITION FEES for other fees, billing and payment policies.
Sign up for a free trial lesson HERE and pick a suitable timeslot. You will then receive an e-mail stating the details and information about the trial lesson. What to Expect and Prepare for the Trial Lesson?
Yes. You will need a proper instrument to practise on within 1-2 weeks of signing up. Want to know more about what else you will need to start lessons? Refer to this Comprehensive List of everything you will need to begin lessons.
Read this SHOPPING LIST and you're set to go.
Ideally, you would want to have a real acoustic piano to practice on, since a quality acoustic piano will provide a beautiful tone that can’t be matched by a keyboard. Perhaps even more importantly, practicing on an acoustic piano will prevent bad playing habits from being formed since the touch of an acoustic piano is nothing like most keyboards. However, if you can find an 88-key digital piano with “weighted keys”, that would be fine to practice on, too, for the first year or two of lessons. Click here to know more about different types of piano and keyboard.
Assignment book, music binder, lesson books and other materials (approximately $50-$100/year) will be provided for purchase by the teacher.
Yes, I do. Parents of beginners and young students are advised to sit in during the first few weeks/months of the lessons. Parents are encouraged to observe the lesson, take notes and record snippets of the lessons in order to assist their child's practice at home. That being said, I understand that sometimes parents are quite busy and may want to drop their child off for lessons to do other tasks, or perhaps their child will actually be more comfortable and less distracted with the parent not there in the lesson. Parents are welcome to sit and relax at my living room while waiting for their child to finish their lesson. I always write in the assignment book what I expect the student to practise for the week. Any messages I want to convey will be written in that book and I am regularly in touch via email. In general, I think it is good to keep in mind that active parents will speed up the learning of a young student.
I receive this question a lot, therefore it is one of my missions to help parents on this matter. The PRACTICE GUIDE should be a good start. After signing up, I will provide parents of the beginning students with more resources. Being an awesome piano parent is not too hard once you get the hang of it!
Student are welcome to do exam, but it is not a requirement. I normally use ABRSM exams, but other examination boards are fine too. Transfer students wishing to sit practical music exams will need to have been learning with me for at least one year before I enter them for an exam. I need this time to ensure they are ready, that exams are the right thing for the student and to cover areas missing in a student’s prior education. Students will be encouraged to take part in piano examination only when they are grade 3, grade 5 and grade 8.
I do my best to provide these. Please refer to the STUDIO POLICY regarding the policies on missed lessons.
For more information, visit the STUDIO POLICY and PARENT RESOURCES. You can also fill a CONTACT FORM to ask me questions. Alternatively, there is a WhatsApp and Call button located at the right-bottom corner should you want to contact me directly. Feel free to ask me any questions and I will get back to you ASAP.