"Children, in a way, are constant learners. Certainly sponge-like. Absorbing everything without careful analysis, even though, at the same time, they are certainly capable of incredible insights."

- Yo-Yo Ma

After acquiring the proper foundation and skills at the piano, students will continue to build and refine their piano technique and musicianship. The lessons will be spent on refining the basics, sound production, score analysis, practice strategies, history and interpretation of different eras and composers of music. 

In this stage, we typically move into literature, often organized around an examination syllabus like ABRSM, Trinity or LCM. While those requirements form the core of our curriculum, each student gets a customized path through the requirements, adjusted to address their particular needs. While students are encouraged to participate in exams and festivals, it is not required that they do so every year or every level.

Celinna Mawar Piano Studio believes that a student's musical diet should be balanced. Teacher Celinna makes sure that all students are exposed to the standard Classical repertoire, as well as a variety of genres and styles of music to learn and reinforce a specific concept. The studio's Music Library is continously updated with music from different composers and styles, sourced from different regions of the world, such as USA, Germany, Russia, England and Japan.

Pieces, etudes and exercises are carefully selected and sequenced by the teacher according to students' levels and needs. Students will not only grow their skills at the piano, but also develop an appreciation of many genres of music, such as Classical, Jazz, New Age, Pop, Musical Theatre and more. 

At this stage, students will also be encouraged to grow into a more independent learner. More attention will be given to the way students learn and practise a piece of music. Students will be given the tools to develop their analytical and problem-solving skills at the piano. Together with the teacher, students will learn to apply specific learning and practice strategies to learn a piece of music and overcome challenging spots.

LESSON DURATION: 45 or 60 minutes