Student/Parent Responsibilities

- Students are responsible for arriving at lessons on-time, with correct books and having completed their practice.

- Late arrival times will not be made up as I often have other students or commitments immediately after lesson times. 

- Students need a decent instrument to practise on, preferably an acoustic piano. 


- There are 4 lessons every month. 

- No regular lessons are conducted on the 5th weeks of each calendar month.

- There will be no lessons on public holidays. If a student’s lesson falls on a public holiday, a make-up lesson will be credited.

2019 Tuition Fees

Other Fees 

Other fees throughout the year may include:

- Assignment book

- Music binder (provided for purchase)

- Lesson books ($50-$100 per year)

- Examination fees, if student & parent are to take part in the program (price depends on grade)

- Recital fees

Billing and Payment

- Lessons are billed monthly. This will be the tuition fees per month, not per 4 lessons. 

- Invoices are sent on the 1st of each month and payment is due by the 7th of each month.

- Invoices may be sent via hardcopy or e-mail as PDF attachments.

- Payment can be made by bank transfer, cash, cheque and PayNow.

- Books and materials will be provided for purchase by the teacher and included in a separate invoice.

Missed Lesson

- If a student will be missing their lesson for any reason, they should inform me by text or email, with as much notice as possible. Please provide a valid reason for missing lessons, ie.illness, vacation. Forgetfulness will not be accepted.

- No shows or failure to notify the teacher is considered a forfeited lesson.

- Make-up lesson should be done within the same month or as soon as possible.

- Missed make-up lesson will not be replaced. 

- If for any reason I have to cancel a lesson myself, a priority make-up lesson will be arranged for the student.


Students wishing to sit practical music exams will need to have been learning with me for at least one year before I enter them for an exam. I need this time to ensure they are ready, that exams are the right thing for the student and to cover areas missing in a student’s prior education.

Students looking to take exams should be aware that it takes a huge amount of patience, effort, determination and stamina. Extra lessons may be required. Students are entered for exams only when they are fully prepared. This is to ensure that it will be a great experience for anyone involved.

Terminating Lessons

If you wish to finish lessons, please provide notice by text or email. Students will continue to receive the lessons they have paid for until the end of the monthly cycle when the termination will take effect. Refunds will not be issued.